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Should you wish to send me an email: this site is hypermegaultraquantumcompumultiversalnet and I use protonmail.com. If you cannot figure out my email address I would greatly like to hear from you! Please ask someone for help and drop me a note.



I'm a librarian. This is how I feel about being a librarian:

(The character Evelyn Carnahan, played wonderfully by Rachel Weisz
in the 1999 movie The Mummy, perfectly summing up my feelings
about being a librarian working in a public library.)

Librarians aren't supposed to admit to other library folk that they became librarians because they love books. It's bad form. I became a librarian because I love books. Always have. I keep being a librarian, however, because of what I get to do every day as a librarian: help people at no charge. From poorest poor to richest rich it's my job to treat you with respect and get you the information you need to make your life better and more fulfilling. How groovy a gig is that?

Notes from the Book Mines is where I write about library-y stuff.

Patron privacy, open inquiry, authoritative sources, & intellectual freedom: très sexy.


The following description found in a 1990s travel brochure for the island nation of Vanuata is a fairly accurate description of me: relaxed, slow-paced and largely undeveloped.

Born at a young age, I inevitably got older. These days I can often be found brushing my teeth before bed, waking up after a good nap, and respiring with abandon for much of the day. I rarely use an umbrella when it rains. When I'm not sitting behind the reference desk at a public library I'm dreaming about living somewhere with beau coup snow so I can shovel lots then sit before a fire reading a book.

Books: groovy. 4-color pens: nifty. Frisbees: neat-o. Love.

Life goal: obtain a Library of Congress reader's card.

¡Unknown by billions!


I'm mostly an absurdist. Why? The (nearly) full answer is here.