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Harley's Angels Chapter 04


The Harley-Davidson Museum Independence Day bash kicked into into gear around eleven AM. Tables and tents full of orange and black merchandise from Harley-Davidson and red, white, and blue from everyone else allowed to set up in the shadow of the nerve center of HD's two-wheeled empire. Big sweaty men and women roamed the stalls looking for an Edge, something that would show greater loyalty to HD than their riding buddies, and if you couldn't find quality you went with quantity...more than one Angel would be going home with luggage bursting with new HD geegaws, gizmos, doodads, and clothing- those with a longer drive home consider themselves fortunate to have more time to come up with an excuse for all the new gear, find the proper words to chant at spouses to stave of the verbal lashing yang to their purchasing yin.

Even before high noon hits the drinking starts- buxom gals in skimpy outfits, 1000 watt smiles, gazes filled with the perfidious promise of things just this side of proper serve up Great Lakes' worth of beer in plastic cups and plastic bottles. Nothing's finer than wearing the gear and hanging with those who wear the gear... cold brew in one hand and a cheesy beer brat in the other. Middle-Aged biker Nirvana provided by bewitching gals, cold beer, and grub from the grill.

In Wisconsin, once the drinking begins it doesn't stop. The state has one of the highest rates of binge drinking in the country and its cities perpetually take up a dozen or so slots from myriad 20 Drunkest Cities lists pumped out by the national press - if kids want to tie a couple on it's entirely legal for them to do so in a bar as long as parent or legal guardian is with them, not that there are many kids at the HD Museum this Saturday...hard to cosplay outlaw biker with the rugrats in tow. Wisconsin also has the strange subversion of the grocery store to bar ratio. Look at a map that shows states with more grocery stores per capita in green and more bars per capita in yellow and you'll find a state shaped exactly like Wisconsin in bar cheese yellow surrounded by a nation of green grocery stores.

(Tie One) On Wisconsin.