a nearly satisfactory hypermegaultraquantumcompumultiversalnet creation

Snowflakes {B}

we are snowflakes
indeed we are
we fall from the sky
to land near and far
embellish the ground
the hills where you sled
like manna from heaven
'til you rise from bed
and glance out the pane
of glass where there's frost
to see a fresh blanket
your innocence lost
you throw on your coat
and warm gloves and hat
and pair of galoshes
from sweet auntie pat
you toil away
shovel millions aside
we keep the vigil
o'er our genocide
as fury rises
the greater we fall
'til white covers white
and white covers all
disgust and distress
as work-time draws near
you stop your shov'ling
shudd'ring with fear
prem'nition foreshad'wing
your heart fills with dread
commute times run long
there's drudg'ry ahead
you slip and slide
your way to your boss
'til crumpling sounds
signify total loss
of traction, of grip
control and power
we wee bitty snowflakes
o'er you we tower
you hang your head
in shame and defeat
control of your life
is ours, complete
you're puny, pathetic
with legion ne'er spar
for we are snowflakes
indeed we are