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Winter Storms

I was thinking of winter storms here on the coast again after hearing that one of my favorite places in the world is going to be having yet another winter storm:

Go Twin Cities! Four to seven inches!

When thinking of storms around here, though, I am always reminded of three things. 1) How much snow there isn't. (I really do like me some snowfall.) 2) How amazing the wave action is here on the coast in the winter time. 3) Trippers.

To wit, this gentleman from Arkansas:

I understand the pull of the awesome beauty and power of these waves, but at what point, after you're multi-ton vehicle gets pushed around by the waves, do you begin to think to yourself, 'I'd better back it up here." And then! At what point, after your multi-ton vehicle gets pushed around multiple times by the waves and is partially disabled, do you think to yourself, "I'd better get out and inspect my vehicle using said vehicle as a shield against the waves?! THE VERY WAVES THAT ARE PUSHING YOUR VEHICLE AROUND ALL WILLY-NILLY AND WILL CERTAIN CRUSH YOU AGAINST THE STONE JETTY VIA YOUR IMPAIRED VEHICLE!!!

Sorry! Sorry for being all shouty there at the end. Getting back to the main topic: winter storms rock. Snowy winter storms rock. Wavy winter storms rock. Thinking twice before going out into a winter storm and doing something potentially unwise? Definitely rocks.